Statement necklace with Labradorite rough hewn stones

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I was extraordinarily lucky in being able to source some rough-hewn labradorite cabochons with a range of colours from blues and greens through to copper. In particular the two largest cabochons have the added interest of an uneven surface which affects the way the iridescence of the gem is expressed.

Labradorite is a magical stone,which displays an iridescent optical effect. According to  Inuit legend, the Northern Lights had been trapped inside the stone and were only released when a warrior broke the stones with a spear. It was believed that any stones which remained unbroken  continued to reveal the entrancing  glowing colours of the Northern Lights - a glow which is known as labradorescence. It  was first described by geologists in the 1770's and was named after the site in which it was originally found - Labrador in Canada -  although it is now mined elsewhere too.

These rough hewn gems took centre stage and the design unfolded as I worked with them.

I used seed beads to bezel set the cabochons and introduced Soutache cord to enhance the Labradorites and offer both a literal and visual link between the gems. For this design I had started by playing with the shapes to see how they would work together and worked from there without an initial sketch adding seed beads, pearls and other gems



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