White Lace Statement collar with Murano Glass and Swarovski crystal

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This lacy collar, handmade with white and rose gold coloured Miyuki beads, has its inspiration in Victorian and Edwardian designs (in turn, these were influenced by Indian beaded work).  It includes Swarovski crystals to add some sparkle too. 

The Murano Glass beads glow with the rose gold leaf incorporated in them whilst the drop is inlaid with silver leaf. The collar is finished with  a heart shaped rose gold plated sterling silver clasp 

Murano glass   The origins of glass making in Venice go back to the times of the Roman Empire and by the eighth century,  glass  from this source was highly prized. By the end of the thirteenth century all production was moved to the island of Murano to prevent the vast number of furnaces endangering  an overcrowded Venice full of wooden buildings. Since then production has continued uninterrupted, although its popularity waned a little,  but by the 1860's it had become as highly desired as it is today.  All of the Murano Glass beads and drops have been individually made using traditional glass- blowing techniques and most  incorporate genuine gold, silver or copper leaf. 

It is 18" /45cms in length and is finished with  a heart shaped rose gold plated sterling silver magnetic clasp.  

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