Labradorite pendant bezel set with Swarovski crystals on pearl necklace

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 This beautiful Labradorite cabachon glows from within,  displaying an electrifying blue sheen. It has been bezel set with Swarovski crystals and Myuki seed beads to complement the stone. The design looks rather like a Victorian re-imagining of Indian seed beading. 

The pendant is hung from a strand of white pearls, but it is removable, offering the possibility of using the pearls as a simple strand or adding the pendant to another necklace or chain. 

Labradorite is a magical stone, which displays an iridescent optical effect. According to  Inuit legend,  the Northern Lights had been trapped inside the stone and were only released when a warrior broke the stones with a spear. It was believed that any stones which remained unbroken continued to reveal  the entrancing  glowing colours of the Northern Lights - a glow which is now  known as labradorescence. 

 It  was first described by geologists in the 1770's and  was named after  the site in which it was originally found - Labrador in Canada - although it is now mined elsewhere too. Labradorite can display a full spectrum of colours, with many stones revealing a blue and green sheen. 

The pearl strand is 18"(45cms) in length and finished with a sterling silver clasp 

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