Double stranded cultured pearl and turquoise necklace and earrings set.

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This design includes two strands comprising lustrous delicate white 6mm pearls interspersed with Turquoise beads sized from 3 to 6 mm.  The matching earrings each have two drops with both pearls and turquoise beads  suspended from  sterling silver earwires. Both of these gems have a rich history. 

Turquoise is a gemstone steeped in history; both beloved and revered across many civilisations. Its blue/green hues were important to the Ancient Egyptians as seen in its use alongside Lapis Lazuli and gold in Tutenkhamun's Burial Mask and prized more highly than gold by the Aztecs and other Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans. It was prized too by the ancient Chinese and cherished by the Pueblo, Navajo and Apache tribes for its amuletic use. In Persia turquoise was used for millennia to decorate objects and important buildings - and that just touches the surface of the significance of this remarkable gem.  

This necklace also includes  cultured pearls meaning that they are created by pearl farmers under controlled conditions working with pearl oysters or freshwater mussels.  They are still considered  to be genuine pearls despite the fact that there is human intervention in their creation. Natural pearls are much rarer and thus far more expensive. Indeed it was only after Mikimoto started to produce cultured pearls in 1888 that it became possible for those other than the very rich to aspire to own them. As a pearl-lover I am grateful that I am able to work with pearls in all of their varieties, but primarily with cultured ones. 

Pearls are one of the birthstones for June, whilst  turquoise is one of December's birthstones  so this would be a particularly appropriate as a present for  anyone born in either of those months.  The  longest of the two strands  20” 43cm  and the necklace completed with a two row sterling silver closure.

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