Peach Biwa pearls on a Sterling silver toggle clasp

Peach Biwa pearls on a Sterling silver toggle clasp

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This  delicately coloured,  centrally drilled Biwa pearl necklace is a very wearable and more contemporary way to wear a 'classic' pearl strand.  The Biwa pearl shape is an elongated one and is named for Lake Biwa in Japan where they originated. The metallic  peachy tones of tases pearls colour of this strand  offers an iridescent lustre  that can only come with a depth of nacre (the natural material produced by the host shell to create the pearl).

These pearls are cultured meaning that they are created by pearl farmers under controlled conditions working with pearl oysters or freshwater mussels.  They re still considered  to be genuine  pearls despite the fact that there is human intervention in their creation. Natural pearls are much rarer and thus far more expensive. Indeed it was only after Mikimoto started to produce cultured pearls in 1888 that it became possible for those other than the very rich to aspire to own them. As a pearl-lover I am grateful that I am able to work with pearls in all of their varieties, but primarily with cultured ones.

Pearls are one of the birthstones for June, so this would be a particularly appropriate as a present for  anyone born in that month

 This necklace is 19" (47cms) long and is finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

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