Mala Necklace - Zen Mala with Purple Flower Jasper, Amethyst and Chinese Jasper

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This Mala Necklace has as its main beads Purple Flower Jasper in 8 mm beads with four marker beads in faceted Amethyst  at 12 mm.  The necklace is finished with a large rondelle of Chinese Jasper (the Guru Bead) and a tassel in the same  green cord used to hand knot the beads. the necklace is  48" (1.2m) and the tassel is 6"(15 cms)and if worn full length it is below the navel. It can of course be worn doubled up to offer a range of different looks.

Whilst they have become something of a fashionable item, Mala necklaces have traditionally been used in both Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation and to support the recitation of mantras. Within the Buddhist traditions there are a number of different ways to arrange the beads. This particular piece is a Zen Mala having seven beads before the first marker bead and a further fourteen beads after that. This is followed by sixty-six beads and a reverse of the starting beads, followed by a  large Guru bead.  In the world of crystal healing,  Jasper and Agate are considered to be  'grounding' stones whilst Amethyst is associated with healing.

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