Large Lapis lazuli drop on long lapis, golden hematite and pyrite necklace .

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Since ancient times, Lapis Lazuli  has been mined in Afghanistan and this remains the major source of the gem. Both the 2" drop and the  beads on this necklace are from that source.  The vibrant blue beads have been interspersed with gold plated hematite to offer a complimentary punctuation between them and the necklace is finished with some pyrite too which picks up the pyrite in the drop.  

Lapis lazuli has been prized since antiquity for its intense colour. Lapis artefacts  have been found in Neolithic burials and, perhaps most famously, lapis is a key component of Tutankhamun's death mask. The vibrancy of the rich blue in this gemstone has also long  been used as a pigment; Cleopatra used it ground down as an eye-shadow and Renaissance artist used it to create the colour of  blue paint. The pigment was very expensive, so used sparingly by these artists and was generally reserved for depictions of the Virgin Mary.

This necklace is a total of 28" in length and is an 'over the head design' so there is no fiddly clasp to deal with !!

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